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Chiropractor Sioux Falls, SD

Dr. Dominic Means

Dr. Dominic graduated from Palmer College of Chiropractic Davenport, IA in October 2017. While at Palmer he learned about the healing abilities and wonders of the human nervous system. This is where he learned about the Blair Technique for adjusting the Upper Cervical region. He also learned about chiropractic’s philosophy and why it’s important to have a strong foundation in it from his professional fraternity Delta Sigma Chi.


Another passion of Dr. Dominic’s is animal chiropractic, although he mainly sees horses and dogs all animals have a nervous system just like us.


Dr. Dominic has an amazing wife, Grace, and together they have two handsome sons, Daniel and Titus.

He enjoys playing musical instruments, games, and throwing axes in his spare time.

Grace is married to Dr. Dominic Means, she is the Director of Operations for True Health and is currently working as the front-end receptionist.


She grew up in Iowa and has lived in Sioux Falls since July of 2017. Grace is passionate about Upper Cervical care because she struggled with migraines weekly growing up, and while Dr. Dominic was going through Palmer, she was put under the care of Dr. Hubbard who practiced the Blair Technique, which is a specific Upper Cervical adjustment, and within 3 months of being under care, she realized that she had not had a migraine in quite a while. Upper Cervical care truly changed her life.


Her goal is to make sure that everyone gets the chance to have this life changing experience with Dr. Dominic at True Health Chiropractic & Wellness. 

Chiropractor Sioux Falls, SD

Grace Means

Chiropractor Sioux Falls, SD

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